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Moondoggle. Is it really possible that NASA faked all of the Moon landings? The whole idea is totally wacko—unless you're open-minded enough to start looking at the facts. Here are 45 good reasons to doubt NASA, $5 (#32).

When René sent me a copy of his self-published NASA Mooned America I laughed—until I read it. It sure made me a believer. Since then I've read more books exposing the hoax. Due to the growing number of deaths involved with continuing the coverup of this hoax, René understandably wants to keep a low profile, so I'm making his book available for $30 (#90).

The 568-page Dark Moon, published in U.K., goes into exhaustive detail on every aspect of the hoax. It's a beaut. I've some copies for $25 (#92).

The same group have also produced a 220-minute video which you'll be showing to all your friends. It thoroughly nails NASA. Copies of What Really Happened On The Moon are $40 (#93). Is it really possible that America's greatest achievement of the 20th century was faked? Well, we've just recently found out the details of how Roosevelt planned the whole Pearl Harbor attack to get the public to support his getting us into the European war—a secret covered up for sixty years.

Bill Woods Talk. This is an 8-page reprint of this rocket expert's 1996 talk which many believe got him killed, just as were many others who threatened to expose the truth about the Moon landing hoax. $1 (#37).