December 8, 2005






St. Marks 5th St. Part A CA LTD Part        

1317 E. 7th St.

Los Angeles, CA 90021


Dear Sir/Madam:


This is that time at the end of the welfare cycle, after a weekend, said funds spent on crack, etc., and “frustration” sets in. I write this to the landlord since the on-duty personnel said he would no longer open the kitchen after the animals (often) locked same and closed the door before hours expired. The other on-duty person had said he doesn’t mind reopening said door – hence no complaint. The problem could, as I suggested, be rectified by removing the latch mechanism (not the dead bolt) which does not require a key to trigger, unlike the dead bolt which is locked for the evening after hours.


There is presently and consistently substantial drug dealing in front of the building. On one occasion, in April, 2005, I waited in front of the building for the DHL truck which was to pick up a rather large box of documents. After some time passed, as well as suspicious looks toward me, I was approached by a negroe who rather curtly asked what I was doing (on the public sidewalk in front of the St. Marks Hotel) to which I responded that I was awaiting the DHL courier, to which his retort was that he was concerned “that there was a white boy (me) where he was taking a penitentiary risk trying to make a few extra bucks”. The problems nationwide with these groups including illegal immigrants is widely known though politically incorrect to discuss.



                                                                                      Sincerely Yours,  




                                                                                       Albert L. Peia

                                                                                       611 E. 5th St., #404

                                                                                       Los Angeles, Ca. 90013      


C: LAPD Chief Bratton