3-31-11 Loud noise/music from #304 past 11:30pm (my first objection – 10pm is the ‘rule of the house’) then past 12:30am, 1:30am, 2:30am). Owing to the heat, keeping the window open was ‘necessary’ (indeed, despite the noise, they kept their window open). This tenant usually (and for most of this week particularly) has invariably played loud noise and with the cooler weather I’ve kept my window closed and have not complained of the noise despite some consistent past transgressions (with sporadic loud yelps as she sings/ plays her songs over and over again, repeatedly, collectively indicative of mental illness – moreover, on 3-30-11, during the hours of 10am – 10pm, I, as invariably I do, closed my window (no complaint because within the rule), and by inference the same tenant of #304 apparently looking to create a problem came to my room, knocked on my door, asked why I close my window when she plays her music and whether I liked music, to which I responded that I do like music (I use ear phones – and also close my door and windows even during the 10 – 10 when I play/practice the guitar once a week on weekends for about 3hrs since someone had complained to me and given the quality of my guitar and level of play could be understandable and hence, reasonable), just not hers (over and over again – one instance I counted 8 replays)  – but any such loud music like or not, I would find objectionable if outside the rule – I have been somewhat lax in complaining since the weather enabled a closed window and I also always use ear plugs) There is NOT and NEVER is complaint by me for music, however loud, between 10:00am and 10:00pm, nor for television noise.  That tenant #304 is not in prison/mental institution/jail is a testament to how far California/Los Angeles has fallen. Upon reasonable belief / inference, I do not think tenant #304 could pass a(n) (illegal) drug test.


While I make no complaint for other than musical noise, I probably should inasmuch as these illegal drug-addicted persons are up all night, carrying on, etc., and drug tests would in large part “cure” these all-night soirees. While I personally feel that even alcohol is inappropriate while subsidies, housing or otherwise, are involved, there should be no question but that illegal drug use should be prohibited. Moreover, mandatory drug testing for all recipients of said subsidies should be required and I have begun forwarding such suggestions to various California, LA entities in light of the budgetary crisis, just now, in light of this incident and will continue to do so since I did say that if they persisted I would make a big deal about it, and I always mean what I say. I’m sure substantial savings could be derived from weeding such users from the general relief / subsidy rolls.



Dated:  3-31-11                  Signed:

                                                                                      Albert L. Peia