St. Marks 5th St. Part A CA LTD Part         November 22, 2005

1317 E. 7th St.

Los Angeles, CA 90021


Dear Sir/Madam:


At the risk of appearing sarcastic (I’m not trying to be so), at the outset let me emphasize that I realize that the subject premises is not

The Waldorf Astoria, which of course is reflected in the price. However, I am constrained to point out that which follows in light of what is clearly an egregious waste of taxpayer funds and resources, particularly in light of rules/laws applicable to any rental dwelling,

especially where public funds are involved. The animals (they are nothing more) referenced herein should not be receiving either welfare, food stamps, or housing subsidies.


I have previously annexed hereto in pertinent part the House Rules which are quite regularly and somewhat brazenly violated. Also previously appended was a copy of the police report concerning the assault/robbery of me by 4 blacks and 2 hispanics some blocks away from the building to put the “atmosphere”of the building in proper perspective. Finally, I had attached a copy of the note that was stuck on my door by the “person” involved in past incidents.


I neither use drugs (illegal or legal) nor alcohol (but would not be disinclined to a social drink which I have chosen for quite some time-

years-not to engage in). I do smoke tobacco which for whatever reason

(given the death, carnage, crime, corruption, etc. attendant to alcohol

and illegal drugs) has been the object of California’s substantial attention despite the pervasiveness of and the state’s blasé attitude

toward illegal drugs [I have seen los angelians shooting up (main-lining, probably heroin) on the streets (ie., San Julian) in broad daylight,“curbside”, and unobstructed, as well as smoking crack]. Parenthetically, I ask any California “policymaker” to tell me the last time they had heard of someone robbing another or committing other crime to get money for a pack of cigarettes which admittedly are not healthy but do not impair ones mental acuity.


One cannot walk down 5th St. in close proximity to the building without being “hawked” to buy drugs, quite brazenly with their “lookouts” calling out the absence (clear) or presence of police [if it can be imagined, as bad as the scenario is now, the situation is improved

since the time I had been robbed (I was first asked to buy drugs by a

negroe, then assaulted and robbed by same and others) and the subsequent police crackdown]. Buying, selling, and using drugs, “morning, noon, and night” is all they do. In what appears to be an attempt to intimidate the police, there are the so-called “cries of

racial profiling”. I have yet to see even one statistic concerning the

ethnicity of those committing the crimes. When I reviewed the mug shots concerning the assault and robbery, the same “was like perusing the Harlem High School yearbook”. Indeed, they were almost all negroes; not because they were “singled out”, but as I have directly observed, have

been the ones committing the crimes. Indeed, these are not “closet pacifists, peace-corps members, or respecters of the law”, but rather brutal criminals, gang members, etc., who should be in prisons. The welfare funds paid to these people is almost invariably spent within

day(s) of receipt (if not before by way of the prevalent drug dealer/loan sharks) on illegal drugs. At this time of the month, they are especially contentious, vicious, etc., owing to to their lack of funds for crack, etc., having already spent their welfare monies thusly.


 The false, diversionary “cries racism” do not ring true. [Indeed, at a time when slavery was globally accepted, negroes sold other (vanguished by negroes) negroes, into slavery. I also think it noteworthy that negroes and apes (gorillas, chimpanzees, oranguatangs, etc.) are indigenous to the same sub-saharan African regions and share an uncivilized behavior and look]. Wherever the negroes are in numbers, ie., inner-cities, sub-saharan Africa, etc., the inherent uncivilized behavior of and cost to civilized society thereby is substantial, and should be paid back by said uncivilized people whose cost to more civilized societies has been enormous. It is time to recognize that the public monies would be better spent on more prisons which would take these criminals off the streets rather than the enormous wasted expenditures of money, time, resources, energy, personnel, etc., not to mention the costs of the crimes themselves. These problems are inherent and will not change. It is that unfortunate time in America’s history that reality be confronted without regard to the “pandered to, politically correct, block vote”. On one occasion, in April, 2005, I waited in front of the building for the DHL truck which was to pick up a rather large box of documents. After some time passed, as well as suspicious looks toward me, I was approached by a negroe who rather curtly asked what I was doing (on the public sidewalk in front of the St. Marks Hotel) to which I responded that I was awaiting the DHL courier, to which his retort was that he was concerned “that there was a white boy (me) where he was taking a penitentiary risk trying to make a few extra bucks”.


There have been some evenings, though not regular, that one can smell marihuana on the 4th floor where I am presently staying (violative of House Rules, ¶ 9, and the law). Moreover, the playing of exceedingly loud “music” (violative of House Rules, ¶ 15) substantially after 10 p.m. is an occurrence which more recently involved an animal (negroe) on another floor (I don’t know which room) who issued a verbal threat upon my protestation. While I have earplugs (3 pairs), the excessive noise in said late hours renders same inadequate.  


I do not consider myself a racist but rather am objective and honest. Recently, Bill Bennett was admonished for a statement he made on his radio program that if all black babies were aborted, the crime rate would go down. That is a true statement. In light of the objective facts and circumstances, and all things including reality considered, if one persists in the erroneous notion that from the above or otherwise that I am a racist, then I will indeed accept said moniker as a badge of pride and honor. Thanking you for your anticipated attention to this matter, I am

                                        Sincerely Yours,   


                                         Albert L. Peia

                                         611 E. 5th St., #404

                                         Los Angeles, Ca. 90013      


C: LAPD Chief Bratton