SILICON VALLEY GIRL : treatment for a screenplay by Albert L. Peia


Log Line: Small breasted but attractive “valley girl”, tired of being passed over by her


              bosses for her  bigger breasted counterparts/peers/competitors, gets “boob job”


              and heads for Silicon Valley to find a wealthy “Mr. Right”.


The Setting/Exposition: California; the “Valley”, then “Silicon Valley” and a relatively


            small investment firm.


The Players:


            Barbie, the quintessential “valley girl”, turned business phenom/whiz




            John, the typical “big fish in a small pond” president of the small investment


firm,  with an “eye for the ladies”, particularly his employees, with Barbie the current


(sex) object of his intended affection.


            Pam, the athletic, big breasted, (new employee) blond bombshell who appears to


have what now appears to be an inside track in winning John’s affection and dashing


Barbie’s hopes for “eternal bliss” and her future with John [recognizable tennis star


cameo would be great here(ie., Kournikova, etc.) if possible ($) though not vital].


            Charles, the young, handsome, and sincere mail room attendant with a crush on


Barbie and who goes to business school nights.


The Hook/Locking Conflict:


           Things are looking up for Barbie, particularly with John, until Pam, the athletic,


big breasted, blond bombshell shows up and gets the ‘special assistant to the president’


position she’s been coveting, along with sexual interaction with John. In a further


attempt to humiliate Barbie and in a somewhat primal way “establish turf”, Pam


challenges Barbie to a tennis match. Barbie holds her own but in a final,”vicious” charge


to the net (slow motion), Pam and her brutal slam are just too much for Barbie, who


“takes it” on her left breast.   


The Snag/Complication:


             Feeling down and dejected, upon showering Barbie notices her left breast seems to have “dropped” ever so slightly, which Barbie attributes to the impact of  the tennis ball, and merely a natural reaction. In fact, unbeknownst to Barbie, her breast implant has “sprung a leak” and the silicone (silicon compound/solution/gel) has begun to spread throughout her circulatory system/bloodstream.   


            The next day at the office, while “firing up” her computer (station, surrounded by numerous computers, servers/databases, peripheral equipment, network peripherals, etc.), she feels faint upon “boot” then, intensely focused upon the loading of the various applications/databases/net work interfaces. As the day progresses, her focus intensifies, while her mood becomes atypically serious. Most employees attribute same to her “defeat” on all fronts by Pam.  


The Switch/Climax:           


              By the second work day “post leak”, Barbie appears mistakenly to most as almost morosely depressed when she is in fact intensely focused, serious, and atypically logical, sharp, and abrupt. She receives a call from the company’s biggest account (bank) and is given preliminary inquiry questions/data regarding a recommendation (buy, sell, hold in light of some current developments) to come from ultimately John to whom Barbie is to forward the call with the prep data. Somewhat entranced but focused, Barbie tells the bank investment officer to sell their substantial holdings in that stock, and take a substantial position in a small, new company’s stock at a very low trading price, spouting out numerous, facts, data, financial ratios to support her recommendation. The bank investment officer sounds somewhat annoyed as Barbie apologetically transfers the call to John who advises increasing their position, contrary to Barbie.


           By the end of the trading week, Barbie is vindicated when the bank’s substantial position is wiped out at a substantial loss, while her recommendation has gone through the roof. The bank investment officer, the bank’s clients, and soon companies/ persons/governments nation and world-wide are seeking out Barbie’s investment/ financial advice. Her face makes the cover of all the leading publications for her investment/financial acumen/wizardry (ie., Barrons, Business Week, Money, Time, Newsweek, etc.).


           Located in a magnificent office in a towering building owned by this huge company she now heads, she begins to feel somewhat isolated and alone. Only Charles, the young, handsome, and sincere mail room attendant seems empathetic to the increasingly sullen and sad Barbie, who offers him a better location for the mail room instead of the dual use mail/telephone switching/supply room which he graciously declines owing to his self-proclaimed facility with telecommunications/computers equipment, etc.. Their mutual affection/interaction grows, though unrequited, and confined to the “office”, even as Barbie’s prowess and abilities wane concomitant with her ever deflating breast, and lack of (silicon-computer-chip-like) interface with the computers/database, to the point of financial collapse and losing it all.


The Payoff/Denouement:


            Upon leaving the office for what is to be her last time, with creditors and detractors “at the door” (attachments, etc.), Charles, waiting for her, offers her a ride,

confesses his love for her, asks her to marry him, and though in disbelief she says in a now very “Valley Girl” way, sure. At the street, in front of the building, a huge limousine

pulls up, the driver steps out and opens the door for them. Barbie says he shouldn’t have spent the money to rent the limo to which Charles responds that he didn’t and wouldn’t

and that he owns five of  them, one for each of his sprawling mansions throughout the world, that he’s now a multi-billionaire, and owes it all to her. Perplexed, Barbie asks how so, and Charles further confesses to tapping her phone lines and the office while in the mail room and following her investment advise with precision. Barbie is of course “pleasurized” by all this good news because for the ‘Silicon Valley Girl’ it was ‘Mission Accomplished’.








© 2005 Albert Louis Peia