Louie the Hacker – Golden Hand (to the tune of ‘Goldfinger’)


Louie the Hacker, he’s the man,

the man with the golden hand,

the greatest hacker in all the land,

Louie the Hacker, he’s not a slacker,

he’s energized, never compromised,

There are those who try to bring him down,

as he makes them look like a circus clown,

There’s no way or firewall, that doesn’t fall

in the wake of Mr. Louie the Hacker,

Little men, beware of this deceptive man,

your computer he’ll scan,

your computer you then can can,

Louie is the Man,

he looks somewhat tan,

but beach time he will pan,

your computer he’ll have ran,

his computer skills are tops,

he’ll mess your computer’s flip flops,

his brain is cold,

his hacking skills are bold,

you’ll have to fold,

he’s not that old,

he’s Louie the Hacker,

your computer life’s now blacker,

he’s Louie the Hacker.