Stephen D. Pedersen, Judge

Superior Court of California

6230 Sylmar Ave., 5th Floor, Dept. C

Van Nuys, California 91401



   Re: Criminal Referral Relating to the Perjury of Rene Lopez

      DeArenosa as Per Direction of Captain Gary Schram of the District

      Attorney’s Office



Dear Judge Pedersen:


  Pursuant to the direction of Captain Gary Schram of the District Attorney’s Office (Tele. # 213-974-3612), as a matter of protocol I am

requesting the referral of the within, clearly documented crime of perjury by Rene Lopez DeArenosa, to the Office of the District Attorney.


  Enclosed herewith is the perjurious declaration of DeArenosa dated 6-8-01, the clear, uncontrovertible proof of said perjury dated 2-21-01, and the damages I have suffered as a direct consequence of said fraudulent, criminal act (viz., $15,000 plus interest, costs; the matter was dismissed as to the remaining joint tortfeasor, Robles (amount approximating my costs $750.) prior to the “prove-up”, pursuant to rules.


   Thank you for your anticipated judicious attention to this (somewhat

outrageous) matter.




                                  Respectfully Submitted by:





                                     Albert L. Peia, Pro Se





CERTIFIED MAIL # 7001 2510 0003 9655 8851

c: Captain Schram, by hand