Who is Al Peia?

This Is Al Peia

Al Peia is one who calls things as they are and seldom as the dumbed-down, self-deluded, propagandized masses want them to be. Truth and reality are far more important to me than the current and historic fictions that americans have come to hold dear. I am staunchly anti-communist, a Christian (who will never worship in an american church again - I do pray every night), believe in free-enterprise and meaningful rules of law, none of which positions are either extant or valued in america today. I was born in the sordid, corrupt ("sewer-of-a-state, new jersey", quoting the late Frank Sinatra) state of new jersey where mob groups of every ethnicity do their "sordid thing". I am "reborn" where rationality and civilized behavior consistent with meaningful rules of law are still valued. [This page was as per assignment in CAOT97 Web Project 3.]     More

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